Kaavi Jahimaja is quiet, private place situated very close to the sea. It is situated in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa on Sõrve peninsula in the village of Kaavi. We offer accommodation in two cottages, which are only 30 meters from the sea. There is WiFi available through air with speeds of 20/10.

In additon to two cozy cottages (with 9 sleeping places) You can use outdoor kitchen, a tiny beach cottage by the sea and  exclusive swimming house, in which there is a small sauna. You can go to sauna in the middle of the sea!

Main house

The house is 67 square metres. The first floor has a fireplace room with kitchenette, floor-to-ceiling windows, excellent sea view (folding corner sofa), wood-heated sauna and its anteroom (sofa), shower room, toilet, refrigerator, washing machine.
The second floor has 2 bedrooms (one room with a double bed, a sofa bed and a single bed, the other room with three single beds. This room is walk-through), a toilet and a shower room.

Smaller cottage

Net area 21 square metres. The house is small. At the same time cute, comfortable and functional.
The house has a double bed and a single bed on the second floor, a sofa bed on the first floor). The house has a kitchenette, shower room, toilet, refrigerator, free-to-air channels on TV.

Summer kitchen

Net area 35 square metres. The summer kitchen has glass walls. There is a large and, if necessary, folding table for up to 8 people, chairs, large kitchen, refrigerator, bar stools (3). There is one room on the second floor which is accessible by a ladder. On the second floor there is one double and three single beds. Easier sleeping place for the less demanding.

Beach cottage

The tiny cottage is located a few meters from the waterline. There is a double bed + bunk bed under the ceiling. Just outside of the cottage there is a kitchenette with a refrigerator + a shower and a terrance.

Bridge sauna

Located at the end of the bridge. The bridge sauna with platform is built on a honeycomb box (cross-log construction filled with stones in the sea). Inside there is a small wood-heated sauna (up to 3 people at a time). The ladder takes you to and from the sea. No electricity, hot water in the tank heater.

The bridge

The bridge is 110 m long and 0.9 – 1 m wide.

Additional information

• There is Wifi in the main house
• The main house has a TV with set-top box, a small music center with Bluetooth
• The complex has a volleyball court with a grass field (net with standard gauges),
• 50 m long “monkey railway” for children
• Water comes from the complex’s borehole and is safe. We recommend not to drink (the taste is not the best)
• Firewood is next to a small house in a shed or under the eaves of houses. Please use firewood sparingly!

User’s manual for Kaavi Jahimaja!

Dear guests,

Kaavi Jahimaja(KJ) has been countryhome for our family for many years. We do hope, it will be good home for you during your visit!

What should you certainly do in KJ:

  • Walk in fresh air, enjoy views, discover small details in nature
  • Swim
  • Enjoy sauna and seawater after heat
  • Enjoy view to the sea sitting in front of the fireplace
  • Fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Sporting
  • Watch how the sun rise from the sea

What should you certainly not do in KJ:

  • Harm or spoil buildings, inventary
  • Harm or spoil ground
  • Saw or cut trees, bushes
  • Use heating wood in outside fire
  • Overheat saunas
  • Replace furniture, audio-video and other equipment
  • Take with KJ inventary
  • Throw on ground sigaret ends or litter
  • Leave in KJ food or your other things

Please keep KJ clean and in good order as you do in your own home! Please leave KJ in good order for other visitors! Please use heating wood responsibly! 

We wish You a nice vacation in Saaremaa!